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At Max Biocare, we are committed to helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Our health product range for men, women and children is available worldwide in Australia, Asia, Europe.

Max Biocare is an independent Australian owned and operated natural health company. Founded in 2000, we are committed to providing health solutions in the form of technically validated natural medicines.

Our highly qualified and experienced research and development team, searches the world over for the best ingredients and raw materials for our products. We also invest heavily in identifying unique manufacturing capabilities and ingredients in reputable countries. Max Biocare’s products are manufactured in top GMP licensed facilities in Australia and overseas to the highest standards.

Little Étoile, is the baby of Max Biocare, a proudly Australian owned natural healthcare company since 2000. Specialising in women’s and children’s health, it was a natural progression to welcome baby food to our assembly.

The Little Étoile’s team is comprised of research scientists and nutritionists, mothers and fathers, passionate about the health and nourishment of babies and children.

We place enormous value on clean and safe ingredients, nutritional integrity, and organic sustainable ingredients. With these values plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the concept of Little Étoile was born, driven to make life easier for Australian parents without compromising on quality, taste or nutrition.


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Quality assured health products

Premium organic baby food and scientifically formulated baby formula

Dermatologist inspired beauty

At Max Biocare, research and development is a critical stage in the design and formulation of our complementary medicines. We use a range of patented, pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our complex formulations to ensure their safety, tolerability and effectiveness of these preparations.

Read some of our Research Publications and Clinical trials here:

Tregocel: Prospective, Multicenter Evaluation of a Polyherbal Supplement alongside Standard-of-Care Treatment for Mild Knee Osteoarthritis

Belle Dame (Estosalus): Efficacy and Safety of Nutraceutical on Menopausal Symptoms in Post-Menopausal Women: A Randomized, Double-Blind, PlaceboControlled Clinical Trial
Belle Dame (Estosalus): NutraIngredients Asia Report

GoutFighter: Safety, efficacy and tolerability of a combination micronutrient and polyherbal preparation (GoutFighterTM) for gout: a single-arm open-label pilot study

Metacose (Diabecure): Nutraceutical Improves Glycemic Control, Insulin Sensitivity, and Oxidative Stress in Hyperglycemic Subjects: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Hominax: Multi-centre evaluation of the effects of Hominax on sperm health indices in Australian men

Dasbrain (Bright Kids): The effect of omega-3 supplementation on cognitive function in children: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Trial status: completed, publication pending. For further information, about the trial procedures, visit (enter “TCTR20190418001” in search bar)
Dasbrain (Bright Kids): Socio-demographic factors, beliefs and health perceptions associated with use of a commercially available Ω-3 fatty acid supplement: A cross-sectional study in Asian countries
Dasbrain (Bright Kids): Nutra Ingredients Asia Report

IronUp: Evaluating the effectiveness of ferrous bisglycinate (IronUp) for iron deficiency in pregnant women. Trial status: completed, publication pending. For further information, about the trial procedures, visit (enter “TCTR20171207001” in search bar)

Belmarama Rejuvenating Capsules: Anti-aging and brightening effects of a topical treatment containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and raspberry leaf cell culture extract: A split-face, randomized controlled trial
Belmarama Rejuvenating Capsules: Efficacy Study
Belmarama Advanced Skin Repair CapsulesEfficacy Study
Belmarama Brightening Complex CapsulesEfficacy Study

Maxucosa: Fucoidan: An Inside Look at a Trending Marine Ingredient

* Maxucosa is one of our key products with COVID-19 still being present and the upcoming flu-season. Maxucosa contains a dose of 500mg of fucoidan to support immune system health, skin health and relieve inflammation.

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