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Nitta Gelatin is a global gelatin and collagen peptide manufacturer, headquartered in Osaka, Japan. As a leader in Asia, Nitta Gelatin provides  its customers with innovative ideas, excellent technical service, and consistently high quality products based on technical expertise and over a century of know-how.

Wellnex is Nitta Gelatin’s  global brand of collagen peptide ingredients offering the highest standards of safety, quality, and functionality. Wellnex collagen peptides have the unique ability to activate cells, leading to an increase in collagen production within the body. Wellnex has been at the forefront of collagen peptide research for over a decade, boasting more than10 double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies supporting a variety of health benefits including:

・Healthier Skin

・Improved Joint Function

・Increased Bone Density

・Blood sugar metabolism

・Increased Protein Intake

・Positive effects on muscle, wound healing and vascular function

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