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Organic Merchant’s ACO certified organic herbal teas and cacao infusions are crafted with the philosophy of purity and beauty, brewing a kaleidoscope of colours and aromas to enchant the senses, heal the body and soothe the mind.

The ingredients in our loose leaf teas and cacao infusions have been carefully selected for their rich therapeutic properties and fulsome flavour. We hand-blend our products fresh in Sydney, delivering the highest quality; beautifully presented and sustainably packaged with care and consideration.

Every part of creating Organic Merchant’s loose leaf tea and cacao infusion range was thoughtfully curated over time with consideration and care. Taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea can be a nurturing and nourishing daily practice, a simple pleasure. We invite you to share the experience of wellness.

The difference of Organic Merchant herbal teas:

  • Organic Merchant is 100% ACO Certified Organic (ACO 12111) ensuring you are receiving the purest loose leaf herbal infusions possible.
  • The teas are loose leaf, whole and unprocessed to retain freshness.
  • Each botanical infusion has been expertly formulated for their nutrient value, beneficial effect and traditional therapeutic properties by an experienced Naturopath.
  • Our herbal tea range is mindfully created, individually hand-blended and hand-packaged in our signature solid glass jars and sachet boxes.
  • Committed to being a sustainable business, all our packaging is proudly 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable. The entire range is presented in reusable glass jars and bio-degradable sachet boxes made from 100% Australian recycled paper with a compostable plant-based cello-bag.
  • We are passionately and ethically dedicated to produce all our organic loose leaf teas using practices with a minimal environmental impact and respect to the broader community.
  • Organic Merchant is locally-made in Sydney, Australia and successfully stocked nationally.
  • The entire range GS1 barcoded and comes with an expiry of 18-24 months.

Why is it important to us that our herbal tea is organic?

At Organic Merchant we believe that organic consumables are not only better for people, but also for the planet, thus ensuring our part in maintaining and sustaining the world for the future.


We believe that the earth’s flora and fauna deserves to live in simple purity. That its raw, wild, natural beauty is celebrated. Its purity is real, unaltered, without additives, without chemical intervention, irradiation, enhancement or genetic modification.

Our commitment to using 100% certified organic produce is a reflection of this, ensuring you are receiving the purest botanicals possible.


Being a naturopath is not just our founder’s vocation but her way of living, a life philosophy, an oath to live with purity, mindfulness and in awareness with nature.

The biosphere in which we live is so magnificently complex and interwoven. To us living close to nature is just common sense.


It is our intention to live each day making choices and actions that demonstrate care, respect and compassion for our families, the broader community and the environment. In ecological terms sustainability is the capacity to endure; to remain diverse and productive. One could say that nature has successfully achieved both diversity and productive excellence, even against the greatest odds. It is therefore important to us that the business practices we employ each day at Organic Merchant are in unity with this philosophy and endorse sustainability.

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